Alexis + Oscar May 21st, 2017, Eden Gardens.

In this exotic, magical hidden gem of a venue, Alexis and Oscar said their vows surrounded by romantic fountains, twinkling lights and even some wild peacocks! The real magic and glow that spilled from these walls, though, was the love and adoration that never left this couples eyes every time they looked at each other (which was all night). We couldn’t be more happy for this wonderful pair. Congrats Alexis and Oscar!


Alexis and Oscar15Alexis and Oscar1Alexis and Oscar18Alexis and Oscar12Alexis and Oscar6Alexis and Oscar10Alexis and Oscar14Alexis and Oscar13


Breanna + Jeffrey, Mountain Meadows Golf Course, May 28th, 2017

The moment these two locked eyes on the aisle, Mountain Meadows lit up with the magic of their love. We were so honored to be apart of this special day for Breanna and Jeffrey. The two said their vows in front of a majestic view of the mountains and celebrated with the warm surroundings of their loved ones under twinkling lights right before lighting the dance floor on fire for the rest of the evening. Congrats Breanna and Jeffrey!


Breanna and Jeffrey8Breanna and Jeffrey6Breanna and Jeffrey5Breanna and Jeffrey1Breanna and Jeffrey9Breanna and Jeffrey10Breanna and Jeffrey4Breanna and Jeffrey7Breanna and Jeffrey3

Maria + Guillermo, April 29th, 2017, Knollwood Country Club

Maria and Guillermo were one of those couples that were an absolute delight to work with. Their laughter and love was infectious to all of those around them, and seeing the way they just looked at each other was something inspiring. I have no doubt these two have a bright and loving forever to look forward to. Congrats Maria and Guillermo, we wish you the very best!

Maria and Guillermo-8Maria and Guillermo-13Maria and Guillermo-7Maria and Guillermo-2Maria and Guillermo-10Maria and Guillermo-6Maria and Guillermo-4Maria and Guillermo-1Maria and Guillermo-9

Tanya + Patrick, MGM in Glendale, April 23rd, 2017

It’s always so special to be apart of someone’s big day, when those someones are also people you know, it is an extra honor. We were elated to capture this incredible day for Tanya and Patrick. The two giggled and smiled their way all the way from their first look to the magical end of their evening, which was filled with the bright energy of their love and kindness. We couldn’t be more happy for these two and wish them the best in their new life together!


Tanya and Patrick - 3Tanya and Patrick - 8Tanya and Patrick - 4Tanya and Patrick - 9Tanya and Patrick - 2Tanya and Patrick - 1Tanya and Patrick - 5Tanya and Patrick - 7



Melak + Ikana, February 19th, 2017, Palladio Banquet Hall

It is always such an honor to be invited to join in the way different cultures celebrate marriage. We were thrilled to be apart of this for Melak and Ikana’s Ethiopian reception. These two celebrated their union at the luxurious and decadent Palladio Banquet Hall in Glendale. The couple were as surrounded by love as they were by vibrant colors and jovial laughter that echoed across the room. We are so happy for these two, and wish them the best in their new life together!

Mel and Ike-4Mel and Ike-2Mel and Ike-1Mel and Ike-3Mel and Ike-6melike-1


Tonee and Chad, Feb 11th, 2017, Calamigos Equestrian Center

Happy Valentines day, lovers! It wouldn’t be Valentines Day at Looking Glass without celebrating some love. This one goes out to Tonee and Chad! Surrounded by the serene and whimsical ranch-like estate of Calamigos Equestrian Center, Tonee and Chad said made their forever vows. This couple was so unbelievably surrounded by the magic of love coming from family, friends and each other. It was hard not to have a little smile for them throughout the day. Congrats, Tonee and Chad!

Before I sign off… I’d like to give my own little shout of love to my honey and partner in photography. Here’s to many more years of capturing love together!


Melissa and Ricardo, Oct 28th, 2016, Imperial Palace

Melissa and Ricardo ended our Autumn season with a golden glow in the air and romance singing through the falling leaves. October was one of our busier months this year, and we were so honored to have one of those days set to spend with this sweet and adoring couple. We ended the evening at The Imperial Palace in Pasadena, a regular now for us, where these two were surrounded with so much family, love and warmth. We wish these two the best in their bright future together!



Araceli and Manny, Oct 7th, 2016, The Odyssey Restaurant

The Odyssey has been a regular for us this year, and it was just as illuminated and magical as any other time we’ve shot there for Araceli and Manny. These two said their vows at the bright and airy St. Bernadine’s church and the whimsical day flowed into the magical, starry evening as they danced, laughed and never left each others side. We were so honored to share in this lovely day and wish Araceli and Manny the best in their new life together!



Lauren and Justin’s Engagement session, Solstice Canyon, October 21st, 2016

Solstice Canyon has become a popular engagement session location for us recently and with good reason! Lauren and Justin strolled, hand in hand, along the picturesque pathway filled with golden light and tanning, fall leaves. It couldn’t have been more perfect of a reflection of their love for each other as their eyes lit up with joy in each other and complimented their secret little shared giggles along the way. We are so excited to be shooting their wedding this January!



Jill and Steve, Sept 23rd, 2016, LA River and Garden Center.

Jill and Steve couldn’t have picked a more magical venue to celebrate the beginning of their lives together. Surrounded by twinkling lights, bubbling fountains and flowers in full bloom; This couple absorbed every moment of it with bright smiles and warm hearts. We were so honored to be apart of this day for such a loving and welcoming couple. We wish you the best Jill and Steve!