Maria + Guillermo, April 29th, 2017, Knollwood Country Club

Maria and Guillermo were one of those couples that were an absolute delight to work with. Their laughter and love was infectious to all of those around them, and seeing the way they just looked at each other was something inspiring. I have no doubt these two have a bright and loving forever to look forward to. Congrats Maria and Guillermo, we wish you the very best!

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The Griffith Observatory, a proposal…

It’s always fun to step away and do something a little different, and especially fun when you get to capture the scene of the proposal! This lovely couple flew all of the from Vancouver, Canada to have a special trip together. What she didn’t know? He was planning on making it extra special. The Griffith Observatory, she told me through happy tears, was her favorite place on earth, and he now made it even more special. Congrats Jovan and Gabrit! Thank you for inviting me into such a special moment!


Proposal portraits - 1Proposal portraits - 12Proposal portraits - 7Proposal portraits - 13Proposal portraits - 15Proposal portraits - 10Proposal portraits - 19

Allison + John, Rancho Cucamonga, April, 1st, 2017

Amid the epic, rolling hills of Rancho Cucamonga, I was fortunate enough to spend an evening celebrating Allison and John on their special day. They said their vows over the sunset of Rancho’s Central Park, and danced their way into an evening filled with magic and laughter. Their special cocktail hour even featured blackjack and poker tables! I was so happy to be apart of such a fun evening with two beautiful people. Congrats, Allison and John!


Allison and John Sample - 2Allison and John Sample - 1Allison and John Sample - 7Allison and John Sample - 3Allison and John Sample - 5Allison and John Sample - 6Allison and John Sample - 4Allison and John Sample - 8

Looking Glass: A reflection on 2016

Happy New Years, readers! As we embark on a new year with new or refreshed goals, we thought we would take a moment to reflect on such a wonderful and successful year. We were so honored to work with so many wonderful brides and grooms, and can only hope we are just as surrounded with warmth and love this coming year. Have a wonderful 2017, everyone.

jill-and-steve-4cultural-ceremony-8Mallory and Mark samples - 9Tiffany and Greg - 3untitled - 2Mpix prints-7Jennifer and Anthony - 2Lesly and Rafael - 4stephanie-and-shane-1lauren-and-justin-engagement-63stephanie-and-john-1araceli-and-manny-wedding-272melissa-and-ricardo-10esmeralda-and-ricardo-wedding-244img_8200Pettway Engagement Photos - 7

Cynthia and Rene, Oct 30th, 2016 LA Arboretum.

The Los Angeles Arboretum is glowing with fabulous colors from brights pinks and deep fall reds, to blends of orange and yellow as you make your way along these beautiful pathways. Engagement sessions here are always amazing for us, because not only does the place light up with color, but romance engulfs the all of these colors, making it an enchanted two hour walk. Cynthia and Rene lit up with smiles and laughter to bring even more romance to the air and we are so excited to be shooting their wedding in May!



Stephanie and John,Grace Simmons Lodge, Nov 5th, 2016

Stephanie and John’s wedding was illuminated with golden rays and the soothing sounds of rushing water in the background of the Grace Simmons Lodge. This unique and intimate wedding was filled with flowers, laughter, sunlight and love as Stephanie and John said their “I do’s”. Following these two around, it was hard not to feel the joy that glowed from them both as their hands never separated and eyes could barely stay off each other. We were so honored to be apart of this special event and wish Stephanie and John the best!




Jill and Steve, Sept 23rd, 2016, LA River and Garden Center.

Jill and Steve couldn’t have picked a more magical venue to celebrate the beginning of their lives together. Surrounded by twinkling lights, bubbling fountains and flowers in full bloom; This couple absorbed every moment of it with bright smiles and warm hearts. We were so honored to be apart of this day for such a loving and welcoming couple. We wish you the best Jill and Steve!



Deara and Armando, August 27th 2016 – Natural History Museum

Deara has been a long time client of ours and we were so honored to be apart of her special day with new husband Armando! This beautiful wedding took place over the course of two days, the first day being a Nigerian cultural ceremony. We had the privilege to peak into the family’s history and culture as her family surrounded her for this unique and beautiful event. The next day we followed Deara and Armando to the Natural History Museum where the freshly bloomed gardens and brightly colored maple trees created a haven of dancing, smiling and so much love to celebrate the marriage of these long time lovers. Best wishes Deara and Armando!



Stephanie and Shane, August 7th, 2016. FantaSea Yacht Club

Stephanie and Shane made their vows within the subtle whisper of the ocean breeze and overlooking the rumbling waves at Chase Park in Marina Del Rey. The vibrant evening continued on in celebration at the FantaSea Yacht Club where Stephanie and Shane could barely keep their eyes off of each other. Along with the love and devotion that surrounded them, the evening filled with laughter, dancing and all things joyful to celebrate the union of this wonderful pair. We were so honored to share in such an event and wish Stephanie and Shane the very best!!





Lesly and Rafael, August 5th, 2016. Knollwood Country Club

Lesly and Rafael could hardly contain themselves on this beautiful, sunny day in August. Their hands barely separated throughout the entire evening as tears, laughter and radiating love filled the walls of the Knollwood country club, a recurring venue for Looking Glass now. We were so honored to share this special day with such a sweet and loving couple. Lesly and Rafael, we wish you the very best in your new future together!


Lesly and Rafael - 8Lesly and Rafael - 6Lesly and Rafael - 5Lesly and Rafael - 4Lesly and Rafael - 3Lesly and Rafael - 1Lesly and Rafael - 7