Dominique and Roderick, March 17th, 2017, Cal State Long Beach Japanese Gardens.

Dominique and Roderick made their vows over the sweet lull of trickling water ponds, and celebrated into the night under the magic of the stars. Cal State Long Beach’s Japanese Garden was a beautiful, hidden gem and a perfect accent of romance to light up the day for this wonderful couple. The two were completely absorbed in the magic of their day and the light of their love. We wish you two the best in your new life together!


Mel and Ike Wedding-213Mel and Ike Wedding-208Mel and Ike Wedding-206Mel and Ike Wedding-205Mel and Ike Wedding-197Mel and Ike Wedding-194

Mallory and Mark, July 30th, 2016, The Reef in Long Beach

Under the twinkling lights and among the cool, salty ocean breeze; Mallory and Mark celebrated the beginning of their new life together. The Reef in Long Beach provided the bright and electric elements while Mallory, Mark and the roaring energy of happiness and love from their family and friends filled the beautiful evening. We were so happy to be a part of such a special day for them and wish them all the happiness for their future!


Mallory and Mark samples - 5Mallory and Mark samples - 1Mallory and Mark samples - 4Mallory and Mark samples - 7Mallory and Mark samples - 6Mallory and Mark samples - 8Mallory and Mark samples - 9

Christine and Jim – April 30, 2016

A fun, intimate wedding at the beautiful “The Loft on Pine,” in Long Beach, CA.

Vanessa and Blas, May 21st, 2016, Seacliff Country Club, Huntington Beach

There are days walking away from a wedding shoot that we are just extra reminded of how much we love what we do.  That’s how we felt this day as Blas and Vanessa made their vows over the gentle rumblings of the ocean waves at a beautiful, little catholic church in Long Beach.  We then made our way to Seacliff Country Club where they celebrated in style.  This couple was never lacking a smile or a tear of joy.  We’re so happy for them and wish them the very best in their future!  Congrats Blas and Vanessa!



Nancy and Ernesto – June 19, 2015 – Long Beach, CA

Nancy and Ernesto held their beautiful wedding at the Salvation Army Chapel in Long Beach, followed by a gorgeous reception at the El Dorado Golf Course. Coordination and reception details provided by Sweet Peach Planning.

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Jhenica and Paul – August 2, 2014

Jhenica and Paul were married at the always-beautiful Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles with their reception at The Grand in Long Beach. The bride and her bridesmaids even had a surprise choreographed dance for the groom!

Jessica and Enrique – September 21st, 2012

Today, I filmed another beautiful wedding near Long Beach. They held their traditional Catholic ceremony at the St Peter and St Paul Church in Wilmington, CA. Afterwards, the photographer and I had the chance to get lots of great shots with the bridal party at the Long Beach lighthouse. It was so great working with a photogenic couple, who didn’t mind taking the time to get some truly beautiful shots in front of the lighthouse and the Queen Mary. Afterwards, we all made the short trip to The Reef restaurant, where the happy couple held a beautiful reception for their family and friends.

Rebecca and Martiz – April 21st, 2012


This was such a spiritual and inspirational wedding at the lovely Wayfayer’s Chapel in Ranchos Palos Verdes. Although the church had very strict rules about our camera placement, we were able to use both cameras to capture the ceremony beautifully! After the ceremony, Rebecca, Martiz, and their families celebrated with dancing and festivities, including various performances from their friends and family members.

Erin and Tony – April 7th, 2012

This past weekend was a double header for us! After getting back from Santa Barbara late Saturday night, we headed down to Long Beach on Sunday. This was a special wedding for us to be a part of for two reasons. 1) The bride is the daughter of my friend and fellow Clemson University alumn (we both graduated from the Masters of Professional Communication program there) and 2) It was on the Queen Mary! Both me and Kat were excited to film a beautiful outdoor wedding on the ship. I couldn’t help but quote Titanic periodically throughout the day…

We got a bit of pre-ceremony coverage, including some fantastic shots of the bride getting ready and posing for the photographers. The ceremony itself was equally as gorgeous, and our two-camera setup captured every moment of it. The ship provided amazing views of the Long Beach skyline, especially at night. The reception was also held right on the ship, and everyone definitely had a great time toasting, eating, and dancing late into the night.