Maria + Guillermo, April 29th, 2017, Knollwood Country Club

Maria and Guillermo were one of those couples that were an absolute delight to work with. Their laughter and love was infectious to all of those around them, and seeing the way they just looked at each other was something inspiring. I have no doubt these two have a bright and loving forever to look forward to. Congrats Maria and Guillermo, we wish you the very best!

Maria and Guillermo-8Maria and Guillermo-13Maria and Guillermo-7Maria and Guillermo-2Maria and Guillermo-10Maria and Guillermo-6Maria and Guillermo-4Maria and Guillermo-1Maria and Guillermo-9

Lesly and Rafael, August 5th, 2016. Knollwood Country Club

Lesly and Rafael could hardly contain themselves on this beautiful, sunny day in August. Their hands barely separated throughout the entire evening as tears, laughter and radiating love filled the walls of the Knollwood country club, a recurring venue for Looking Glass now. We were so honored to share this special day with such a sweet and loving couple. Lesly and Rafael, we wish you the very best in your new future together!


Lesly and Rafael - 8Lesly and Rafael - 6Lesly and Rafael - 5Lesly and Rafael - 4Lesly and Rafael - 3Lesly and Rafael - 1Lesly and Rafael - 7