Alexis + Oscar May 21st, 2017, Eden Gardens.

In this exotic, magical hidden gem of a venue, Alexis and Oscar said their vows surrounded by romantic fountains, twinkling lights and even some wild peacocks! The real magic and glow that spilled from these walls, though, was the love and adoration that never left this couples eyes every time they looked at each other (which was all night). We couldn’t be more happy for this wonderful pair. Congrats Alexis and Oscar!


Alexis and Oscar15Alexis and Oscar1Alexis and Oscar18Alexis and Oscar12Alexis and Oscar6Alexis and Oscar10Alexis and Oscar14Alexis and Oscar13


Breanna + Jeffrey, Mountain Meadows Golf Course, May 28th, 2017

The moment these two locked eyes on the aisle, Mountain Meadows lit up with the magic of their love. We were so honored to be apart of this special day for Breanna and Jeffrey. The two said their vows in front of a majestic view of the mountains and celebrated with the warm surroundings of their loved ones under twinkling lights right before lighting the dance floor on fire for the rest of the evening. Congrats Breanna and Jeffrey!


Breanna and Jeffrey8Breanna and Jeffrey6Breanna and Jeffrey5Breanna and Jeffrey1Breanna and Jeffrey9Breanna and Jeffrey10Breanna and Jeffrey4Breanna and Jeffrey7Breanna and Jeffrey3

Mary + Eli, Santa Monica Pier, May 14th, 2017

Over the cliffs and through the sandy beach of beautiful, windswept Santa Monica, Mary and Eli laughed and danced and kissed their way around it all. We had a beautifully bright and colorful session with these two and can’t wait for their RAINBOW themed wedding in March! Though these two are already colored with so much joy and love, we can’t wait to see what magic they bring to their big day!


Mary and Eli4Mary and Eli3Mary and Eli9Mary and Eli6Mary and Eli11Mary and Eli8Mary and Eli1Mary and Eli13Mary and Eli14

Dominique and Roderick, March 17th, 2017, Cal State Long Beach Japanese Gardens.

Dominique and Roderick made their vows over the sweet lull of trickling water ponds, and celebrated into the night under the magic of the stars. Cal State Long Beach’s Japanese Garden was a beautiful, hidden gem and a perfect accent of romance to light up the day for this wonderful couple. The two were completely absorbed in the magic of their day and the light of their love. We wish you two the best in your new life together!


Mel and Ike Wedding-213Mel and Ike Wedding-208Mel and Ike Wedding-206Mel and Ike Wedding-205Mel and Ike Wedding-197Mel and Ike Wedding-194

Allison + John, Rancho Cucamonga, April, 1st, 2017

Amid the epic, rolling hills of Rancho Cucamonga, I was fortunate enough to spend an evening celebrating Allison and John on their special day. They said their vows over the sunset of Rancho’s Central Park, and danced their way into an evening filled with magic and laughter. Their special cocktail hour even featured blackjack and poker tables! I was so happy to be apart of such a fun evening with two beautiful people. Congrats, Allison and John!


Allison and John Sample - 2Allison and John Sample - 1Allison and John Sample - 7Allison and John Sample - 3Allison and John Sample - 5Allison and John Sample - 6Allison and John Sample - 4Allison and John Sample - 8

Stephanie and John,Grace Simmons Lodge, Nov 5th, 2016

Stephanie and John’s wedding was illuminated with golden rays and the soothing sounds of rushing water in the background of the Grace Simmons Lodge. This unique and intimate wedding was filled with flowers, laughter, sunlight and love as Stephanie and John said their “I do’s”. Following these two around, it was hard not to feel the joy that glowed from them both as their hands never separated and eyes could barely stay off each other. We were so honored to be apart of this special event and wish Stephanie and John the best!




Jennifer and Anthony – Engagement Session – Huntington Beach, CA

We had a great engagement portrait session with Jennifer and Anthony, who will be getting married next June. They both made a fun and relaxed couple who were very easy to work with always put a smile on each others face. We shot around the Huntington Beach Pier and next to the Huntington Beach Hyatt bridge. A beautiful sunset with a beautiful couple!

160611 Jennifer and Anthony - 020 160611 Jennifer and Anthony - 008 160611 Jennifer and Anthony - 055 160611 Jennifer and Anthony - 085 160611 Jennifer and Anthony - 067 160611 Jennifer and Anthony - 090 160611 Jennifer and Anthony - 095 160611 Jennifer and Anthony - 106 160611 Jennifer and Anthony - 118 160611 Jennifer and Anthony - 098 160611 Jennifer and Anthony - 120

Karen and Moises – Engagement Shoot – Downtown LA

We had a great time last week shooting with Karen and Moises in downtown Los Angeles! We started at Grand Park and worked our way up to the Disney Concert Hall, and hit a few new spots along the way.

150725 Karen and Moises Engagement - 013 150725 Karen and Moises Engagement - 025 150725 Karen and Moises Engagement - 022 150725 Karen and Moises Engagement - 010 150725 Karen and Moises Engagement - 048 150725 Karen and Moises Engagement - 049 150725 Karen and Moises Engagement - 057 150725 Karen and Moises Engagement - 064 150725 Karen and Moises Engagement - 056 150725 Karen and Moises Engagement - 073 150725 Karen and Moises Engagement - 081 150725 Karen and Moises Engagement - 086 150725 Karen and Moises Engagement - 095 150725 Karen and Moises Engagement - 097 150725 Karen and Moises Engagement - 100

Joyce and Obed – June 20, 2015 – Covina, CA

Joyce and Obed tied the knot at the Village Covenant Church in Covina, CA, with the reception following at the historic Park Inn. Their large group of family and friends turned out for both the ceremony and reception and everyone had a great time. I’ve rarely seen a bride and groom smile so much in one day 🙂

150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 001 150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 002 150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 003 150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 004 150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 005 150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 006 150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 007 150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 010 150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 009 150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 011 150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 012 150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 013 150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 014 150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 015 150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 016 150620 Joyce Quick Edit - 017

Nancy and Ernesto – June 19, 2015 – Long Beach, CA

Nancy and Ernesto held their beautiful wedding at the Salvation Army Chapel in Long Beach, followed by a gorgeous reception at the El Dorado Golf Course. Coordination and reception details provided by Sweet Peach Planning.

150619 Nancy Quick Edit - 001 150619 Nancy Quick Edit - 002 150619 Nancy Quick Edit - 003 150619 Nancy Quick Edit - 004 150619 Nancy Quick Edit - 006 150619 Nancy Quick Edit - 005 150619 Nancy Quick Edit - 007 150619 Nancy Quick Edit - 008 150619 Nancy Quick Edit - 009 150619 Nancy Quick Edit - 010 150619 Nancy Quick Edit - 011 150619 Nancy Quick Edit - 012 150619 Nancy Quick Edit - 013 150619 Nancy Quick Edit - 014