Maria + Guillermo, April 29th, 2017, Knollwood Country Club

Maria and Guillermo were one of those couples that were an absolute delight to work with. Their laughter and love was infectious to all of those around them, and seeing the way they just looked at each other was something inspiring. I have no doubt these two have a bright and loving forever to look forward to. Congrats Maria and Guillermo, we wish you the very best!

Maria and Guillermo-8Maria and Guillermo-13Maria and Guillermo-7Maria and Guillermo-2Maria and Guillermo-10Maria and Guillermo-6Maria and Guillermo-4Maria and Guillermo-1Maria and Guillermo-9

Tonee and Chad, Feb 11th, 2017, Calamigos Equestrian Center

Happy Valentines day, lovers! It wouldn’t be Valentines Day at Looking Glass without celebrating some love. This one goes out to Tonee and Chad! Surrounded by the serene and whimsical ranch-like estate of Calamigos Equestrian Center, Tonee and Chad said made their forever vows. This couple was so unbelievably surrounded by the magic of love coming from family, friends and each other. It was hard not to have a little smile for them throughout the day. Congrats, Tonee and Chad!

Before I sign off… I’d like to give my own little shout of love to my honey and partner in photography. Here’s to many more years of capturing love together!


Liza and Eddy – September 5th 2015 – Burbank, CA

Eddy and Liza had an amazing wedding day celebration earlier this month. Before the ceremony, they held a first look at the Walt Disney concert hall in downtown Los Angeles with their bridal party. The ceremony and reception were held at the St. Leon Armenian Church in Burbank and the Ritz Celebration Hall next door.150905 Eddy and Liza QE - 1 150905 Eddy and Liza QE - 4 150905 Eddy and Liza QE - 3 150905 Eddy and Liza QE - 7 150905 Eddy and Liza QE - 2 150905 Eddy and Liza QE - 9 150905 Eddy and Liza QE - 10 150905 Eddy and Liza QE - 13 150905 Eddy and Liza QE - 14 150905 Eddy and Liza QE - 19 150905 Eddy and Liza QE - 23 150905 Eddy and Liza QE - 30

Rim and Marwan – April 25 2015 – Burbank, CA

This was a beautiful wedding that took place in Pasadena with the Reception and the DeLuxe Banquet Hall in Burbank.

150425 Rim and Marwan - 66

150425 Rim and Marwan - 96 150425 Rim and Marwan - 75 150425 Rim and Marwan - 62 150425 Rim and Marwan - 182 150425 Rim and Marwan - 188 150425 Rim and Marwan - 258 150425 Rim and Marwan - 288 150425 Rim and Marwan - 285 150425 Rim and Marwan - 325 150425 Rim and Marwan - 329 150425 Rim and Marwan - 450 150425 Rim and Marwan - 410 150425 Rim and Marwan - 472