Tania’s Quinceanera – June 21st, 2013

We had an amazing time taking photos and video of a Quinceanera celebration this Friday, down in the city of Orange, CA. After taking a few shots of the beautiful birthday girl getting ready, we headed out for a portrait session at the Eisenhower Park and got some amazing shots of Tania and her court. Although it wasn’t the best time of day to try to take pictures under the hot sun, we got some great portraits, and even had to recruit one of her court members to hold up a reflector to control the lighting and keep her cool under the shade – just like a princess 🙂 The ceremony and reception were held at the Women’s Club in Orange, which was a great, historic location for her special day. We stayed to cover the presentation of the court, their amazing choreographed dances, and their equally amazing impromptu dance of “No Rompas Mi Corazon” (That’s Achey Breaky Heart, but a little bit more fun) 






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