Early September Weddings

The first weekend of this month was another busy one for Looking Glass Videography! We had 3 weddings booked on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of this month. We also used a new piece of equipment – an external audio recorder. We’ll now have at least 3 microphones covering each wedding ceremony! It might seem like overkill, but you can’t have too many – An external shotgun mic, (to the “A” camera via XLR), a wireless microphone, placed on the officiant (also to the camera), and an external audio recorder placed on the groom during the ceremony (synced up in post). It worked out great!

September 7th was Erica and Efrain’s wedding day. They had their wedding ceremony and reception at the Mirage Banquet Hall in North Hollywood. This was a two-camera event for us, and Katrina and myself worked long hours to make sure we got plenty of great footage. The venue for both the ceremony and reception was well-decorated and thankfully, was also well air conditioned on this incredibly hot day! We were able to work closely with some great vendors, including DeVende Photography, to capture the beautiful couple on their special day. They had a photo booth, a great DJ, and the dance floor filled up early and stayed full late into the evening.

On September 8th, I filmed another gorgeous wedding down in Ranchos Palos Verdes, for Vanessa and Keith. I had the opportunity to film at the Neighborhood Church for the first time, which was an absolute treat! It was such a beautiful location, even if they were strict on where I was allowed to place the camera. 🙂 Their reception was held at the Palos Verdes Country Club, where I have already had the chance to film a couple of times, but it was still just as beautiful this time. The couple were incredibly nice and really knew how to throw a party. The reception featured an upscale candy bar, and most importantly, a live band that got everyone in the crowd dancing, and almost brought a few people to tears with their rendition of “Georgia on my Mind” …or maybe that was just me….

Finally, on September 9th, I had the chance to film a wedding for Sandy and Kris. Sunday required a bit of traveling, but it was definitely worth it! The day started out with filming Sandy and her bridesmaids getting ready at home, then we all traveled to St. Timothy’s Catholic Church in Century City. I hadn’t had the chance to film here yet, and it was great. Again, this was a beautiful location, which often corresponds with strict rules about microphones and camera placement. The footage came out great, and thanks to my external audio recorder, the audio did as well! They held their reception in Glendale at the Renaissance Banquet Hall. They put on an amazing feast for their guests with several courses of some of the best food I’ve had at a wedding reception. To top off the evening, they even had traditional belly dancers entertain the crowd! Everyone had a fantastic time, and I was able to capture some great footage of the big day!


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