Two busy weekends

In addition to filming the two events with DeDe dance studio over the past two weekends, we also had the opportunity to film four weddings the past two weeks! It was a lot of work, but we made sure to bring our A-game to each event!

On June 1, my assistant, Katrina, and I filmed a Catholic mass wedding ceremony for April and Joseph at St. Bernard’s Catholic Church, in  Eagle Rock. It was a beautiful event at a lovely, large church, but we were especially excited to film their reception at the LA River Center. This is my favorite reception venue I’ve been to yet! Inside and out, it provided a great place for the guests to have a cocktail hour, dinner, and plenty of space to dance! Luckily we got to film there again the very next night! On June 2 we also filmed another Catholic mass at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church in Sun Valley for Sara and Adolfo , followed by the reception at the LA river center. During the traditional Catholic ceremony, we were serenaded by a full Mariachi band, which was a fun change from the Catholic music I grew up listening to every Sunday! Again, the River Center was gorgeous. This beautiful venue looks great at sunset and with Christmas lights in the trees on at dusk, it’s even more stunning.

On June 3, we had a bit of a change of scenery, as we got to film a Jewish ceremony in Ranchos Palos Verdes for the lovely couple, Elana and Yaeer. Jewish weddings are always so much fun! I always enjoy seeing the groom break glass at the end of the ceremony and of course the bride and groom being raised up on chairs during the reception dancing. We had a great time filming this wedding, and we also had the chance to film a short love story sequence with the bride and groom. This went well, and I plan to offer this to couples in the future! Finally, on June 9, I filmed a short but very sweet ceremony and reception near Long Beach for Sherri and Mike. Everyone at the wedding seemed to have an amazing time, and this was easily one of the most fun and unique weddings I’ve ever been to! Not only did the bride walk down the aisle in a black dress, but she did it to the Darth Vader theme song from Star Wars! I’m sure that their wedding is not for everyone, but I really enjoyed being there as it’s not something you see every day! All in all, the last two weeks have been a great but very busy time for us. Luckily, this weekend I don’t have another wedding to film! This should give me a break and a chance to start editing all of these amazing videos! I will post them up as soon as they’re done!


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