Linda and Matt – May 26th, 2012

We filmed a really fun wedding this past Saturday in two of the best possible locations in Los Angeles! The ceremony was held in the Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral and the reception took place inside Union Station! Both of these beautiful and unique locations made for a fun experience and should make for a great wedding video. As devout Catholics, Linda and Matt decided to have a traditional mass as part of their wedding and managed to fill up a good amount of the enormous and stunning cathedral downtown. It was a beautiful service. The natural light inside the cathedral was a videographer’s dream! The reception’s location was no less impressive. It was held in what was once the ticketing area for Union Station, which now serves as event space and sometime film location. I can now say that I’ve filmed in one of the same locations as Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. A lifelong dream has been fulfilled. Matt and Linda brought in a huge group of friends, several from as far away as Kansas to celebrate their wedding, and I’ve only seen a few dance floors that were as active and busy as theirs was on Saturday. Not bad for Memorial Day weekend.


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