Paul and Elizabeth – March 31st, 2012

This saturday, I filmed a beautiful wedding between a very happy and friendly couple, Paul and Elizabeth! The day started out at Tomato, a cute, local bridal shop in Koreatown. Although the name threw me off at first, I was glad to be able to start the day early and get some great shots of the bridal party getting ready. I worked closely with their two photographers to plan out the logistics of the rest of the day. Afterwards, we all traveled by limo to the Disney Concert Hall downtown for more photos and video. I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to film there, but it was a fantastic location and I got some great footage. Between the beautiful bridal party, two photographers, and myself – operating a steadicam, we attracted quite a bit of attention downtown! After grabbing some more shots at the bridal shop, we all moved on to the ceremony. Their elegant ceremony and reception were both held at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church – another gorgeous location, where I got the chance to film some great slider shots! The ceremony went off with a hitch :), and we only had to walk downstairs to go to the reception. The reception included the couple’s grand entrance, first dances, and a traditional Korean wedding ceremony called the Pae-Baek. All in all, it was a wonderful event, and I’m glad to have been able to film it!


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